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A Natural Leader


Carrié Solages was raised in Elmont, graduating from H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square.  He currently lives in Lawrence.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. Carrié, a former Bronx Assistant District Attorney, has practiced law throughout the New York metropolitan area as a partner in his law firm, Solages & Solages. Prior to serving within the Legislature, Carrié Solages served as a Commissioner for the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights.

Carrié Solages is currently serving his fifth term in the Nassau County Legislature, covering the Elmont, Valley Stream, South Floral Park, Inwood, and portions of Lawrence & N. Woodmere. While in office, Legislator Solages has fought to ensure that our community remains strong and safe. 

Following Super Storm Sandy, Legislator Solages worked tirelessly with LIPA to coordinate the restoration of power to our district.  When the county administration decided to eliminate the 5th Police Precinct, Carrié mobilized the community to restore the cuts in public safety and ultimately saved our 5th Precinct. Carrié, once again working with our community, helped defeat the discussed plan for a casino in our county that would have destroyed the quality of life and property values of our community and delivered more sustainable developments. Hon. Solages has continued hosting community town hall meetings throughout the district, topics include public safety, public transportation expansion and safety; mortgage foreclosure education; free breast health screenings, and taxpayer awareness and professional assistance, and more.

Carrie Solages will continue to fight for us, and as our next Congressman, he will take that same energy to Washington and work to unite Congress for the betterment of all of us. 

As a mentor, organizer, former prosecutor, practicing attorney, and Legislator I learned the only way for change is if we all realize we are all humans who have the same needs, not just individuals’ part of a political party. We have to work collaboratively for the constituents we represent pursuant to the needs of each geographical area. President Obama said, “Real change does not come from dividing people, but bringing people together,” This is the philosophy that I believe in and will fight for in my district. Residents of the fourth congressional district and Nassau County are tired of the tactics that enable those in power while providing no meaningful assistance to the residents. I am tired of the residents’ having bad infrastructure, an outdated electricity delivery system, exorbitant taxes and quality of life issues not being addressed.


“I believe we can unite Americans around politics and work together without partisanship by solving the challenges of everyday people and eliminate special interests in politics. All Americans must be given the same opportunity, not only one sector of the population.  Middle- class Americans are the backbone of our country, and I am going to do everything to protect the middle-class.”  

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